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"My eyes don’t hurt as much when I’m using the phone since I started using the Harmony EMF Shield. When I used my phone, I used to feel a burning sensation in my hands but there’s been a huge improvement since I placed the EMF Shield on the back of my phone. I have to be on my phone all day due to my work, but the end of the day I had a headache and felt tired, ever since I placed the Harmony EFT Shield on the back of my phone, I have more energy and my headaches are gone!"  ~ RD


iPhone RF Exposure Warning

iPhone RF Exposure Warning (Spanish)

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The EMF SHIELD is a corrective, harmonizing resonance technology designed to assist the body with counter-balancing these negative “vibes” from computers, phones, microwaves, monitors, and Wi-Fi devices. Simply place the EMF SHIELD close power source to (aid in, or, assist with) protecting you, and your family. 

Now safeguarding 5G enabled devices


Discover the EMF Home Harmony Shield

EMF Protection is essential in today's electronic world. All electronics give off EMF radiation, but the ones you need to be most careful of are those in close proximity to your body.  

​Our EMF Home Harmony Shields are U.S. patented and Made in the USA. They are designed to harmonize the damaging effects of radio-wave radiation. They are programmed with specific homeopathic frequencies to assist with harmonizing the negative effects of EMF on the body.